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Enlight was created from the vision of its founder to illuminate the path of companies with insights generated from multifaceted analysis of the business and its environment in order to solve issues that otherwise would continue in the dark.


The company works with top of the line consultants handpicked to match the client's needs, we have a pool of professionals that can be quickly assembled in a team to perform the most comprehensive analysis to deliver effective solutions. We always work with local teams to guarantee the best possible understanding of the target market, its idiosyncrasies, pitfalls and opportunities, trusting people that have years of experience in a determined country or region is one of ours "sine qua non" conditions to start any project.

In the digital era, data is the most valuable asset for business decisions. Find the correct data set to suport business planning, analyze it to generate relevant information that will lead your business to success has been a challenge that all companies currently face in the fast pacing technological environment.

Enlight's vision is to provide intelligence based on innovative points of view, modern methodologies and cutting edge analysis frameworks. The company has a constant monitoring of several industries gathering relevant information, building trend models and identifying possible disruptive movements to support its understanding of different business landscapes.


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