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Enlight services are focused on data gathering and analysis. Our customers can combine different services to reach their goals or we can create  custom methodologies according to the project complexity or uniqueness. We have experience in several industries, such as pharmaceutical/cosmetics, agribusiness, biotechnology, automotive, finance, civil construction, information technology, consumer electronics, digital entertainment, FMCG, just to name a few.

Desk Research

The first step to understand any market is to gather relevant local data and create a base scenario of the business environment. A well performed Desk Research can solve regulatory and legal doubts, estimate market growth/retractios, map opportunities, understand competition, avoid common pitfalls, generate leads and more. It is also a powerful tool to help designing more accurate qualitative and quantitative researchs.

Quantitative Research

Using modern methodologies of data analysis, Enlight provides quantitative research perfomed in the field or Online, with a database of more than 550,000 consumers that can be segmented in any sample size depending on the industry to be analyzed.

Econometric Models


Some industries and governments need econometric models in order to take some important business decisions, such as complex purchases, long-term investments among other common problems. We are prepared to deliver models with acurate estimations of the decision in hand.

Business Planning

We can help to elaborate business plans in any stage or product/service development, obviously always relying on data to support its creation and execution.

​Qualitative Research


With industry specific moderators, we can perform In-depth interviews with local market specialists, dyads, consumer/key-opinion-leaders focus groups, product testing and central location tests. Qualitative data are essential to determinate the fit of any product or service in the local markets.

Data Analysis

Some companies gather a huge amount of data but there are no analysis tool to extract relevant information that would add value to the business. Enlight's job is to build and run these analysis tools in the client's data set to extract any valuable insight that will generate a differentiation to the business to keep up with the competition.

​Financial Simulations


We can work with research data or the client's revenue history to create financial simulations for business planning purposes. Sometimes all you need to know is if a product or a service are worth the investment.

Strategic Planning


Our time is specialized in analyzing data and trends to help companies develop new strategies to cope with rapid market changes or to adapt to changes.

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